Shower Plastic Sweeps

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IPSDBULB532C Translucent Vinyl Bulb Seal 5/32" Gap with Pre-Applied Tape 95"
IPSDBULB732C Translucent Vinyl Bulb Seal 7/32" Gap with Pre-Applied Tape 95"
IPS1 Clear PVC Seal  135 Degree and Wipe for 3/8" Glass
IPS3 Clear Side Sweep For 3/8" Glass
IPS4 Clear Translucent Vinyl Bulb Seal for 3/8" Glass
IPS6 Clear Bottom Water Dispersal Wipe with Drip Rail for 3/8" Glass
IPS11 Clear H-Plastic Seal With Hard legs For 3/8" Glass
ISDT1010C Clear Threshold Seal For Floor

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