ISPRAYBLACK Matte Black Spray Paint


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ISPRAYBLACK Matte/ Satin Black Spray Paint

These are premium formally made-to-order colours, but due to their popularity have been made as an off-the-shelf product. Larger volume runs have enabled us to offer attractive pricing. This line of enamels offer excellent colour retention, durability and protection. All colours are lead free and contain a high amount of solids to assure maximum coverage on various surfaces and have heat resistance of up to 176 C (350 F).  All colours resist rust and can be used for interior and exterior applications. Formulated specifically for industrial applications.  Can be used on wood, metal and fiberglass.


Special Instructions

Hold  spray 6"-8" from the surface. If a second coat is required, re-coat within 1 hour or wait 5 days for the paint to fully cure. If you miss the 1hour “ window”, the second coat may cause the paint to react and leave the paint with an “orange peel” effect.

Dry Time (under normal condition):  
Set to Touch: 08-10 minutes / Tack Free: 10-15 minutes  
Hard Dry: 4 hours / OK to Handle: 30 minutes  

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