IDR100BL Black Bottom Hydraulic Door Rail 4"- 35-3/4


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IDR100BL Black Bottom Hydraulic Door Rail 4" Height and Length 35-3/4 (Self Closing)

  • Quick and easy installation with just 4 fasteners.
  • No need to drill in the glass.
  • Can be used with standard top patch attachments.
  • Hydraulic Inbuilt is UL listed and patented product.
  • Door Rails can be installed in offices, home partitions, & Commercial Interior Storefront in Malls.
  • Innovative product with fast installation.
  • Suitable door weight: Max 100kg.
  • Suitable Glass thickness: 12mm.
  • Maximum opening 150° 
  • Durability-500,000 Cycles Tested
  • Easy installation with base seat adjustable:
  • +3mm backward and forward,+3mm left and right and
    4° alignment adjustment
  • Top Rail Sold Separately.
  • Temperature -20 degree- +50 degree
  • Finish: Stainless Steel, Black, Polish Stainless , Black and Satin Anodized
  • Custom Finishes available on Request.

Ideal Hydraulic Glass Door Rails are specially designed to help and assist people to walk safely and freely, through glass doors. Industry-leading expertise and proven Hydraulic hardware company and  Our free Shopfront technical service will help you find a solution to meet your business objectives and needs. Ideal bottom hydraulic glass door rail can save more space for doors with maximum opening 150°, Ideal top rail comes with the same dimensions with top ceiling pin.

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